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FarmCRM is a highly scalable enterprise agriculture management platform delivering end-to-end farm management tools to farms of all sizes.

  • Automate scheduling of field labour dynamically, based on your customers’ orders.
  • Automates quotes, invoices, and billing.
  • Customer self-serve and online payment triggers automatic order scheduling and labour notifications for employees.
  • Optimize field use based on heuristic data.
  • Track crop and plot production, waste, efficiency, overhead, profit, margins, salability with advanced analytics.
  • And much, much more.

3300 Del Amo Blvd, Lakewood, CA 90712, USA

Our Platform

FarmCRM combines precision agriculture management (PAM) & customer relations management (CRM) tool sets to create a highly scalable enterprise agriculture management platform delivering end-to-end farm management to farms of all sizes.

FarmCRM works by automating administrative, logistic and financial operations for your business. Our platform allows your customers to self-serve and pay online, and will automatically schedule germinate, transplant, harvest, billing, delivery and expiry processes and dynamically allocate jobs to employees with algorithmic efficiency and precision, based on their roles, your order schedule, and hours of business.

Take control of your farm now using enterprise agriculture software to stop wasting time and start growing produce with algorithmic efficiency and precision, streamlining your production and sales processes.





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Modern agricultural Science

FarmCRM incorporates precision agriculture management (PAM) practices into your crop rotations, such as tracking and balancing of soil pH and nutrients, predicting and scheduling soil amendments, optimizing plot layout based on pressure and workload, topology, and much more.

to Order

FarmCRM helps you deliver crops to customers quickly and efficiently.


FarmCRM helps you create


The Home For Our Farm.
Natural. Sustainable.

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  • Nutrient film technique
  • Propagation systems
  • Medical crop systems
  • Electronics & lighting
  • Nutrients & additives
  • Heated propagator
  • Propagating material
  • Automatic vent-opener

What People Say About Us

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