PayPortal for SuiteCRM and Advanced OpenSales

by Wizard Consulting & Development.

SuiteCRM is a highly scalable, free and open-source enterprise-graded CRM software suite developed by Jim Mackin and the SuiteCRM Team. Among SuiteCRM’s many features are records management, resource sharing, co-scheduling, automation, an enhanced security suite with permissions and roles and two-factor-authentication, penetration detection and prevention, an extension framework, and numerous integrations.

But, the one glaring omission to this software is a lack of a viable portal software. We are here to change that!

Introducing PayPortal for SuiteCRM and Advanced OpenSales!

PayPortal was developed by Wizard Consulting & Development in Canada to provide completion to the product cycles of SuiteCRM users. We decided it was necessary to create a next-generation web-portal software for SuiteCRM to easily integrate eCommerce and other platforms into their automated product cycles.

PayPortal allows customers to login to their Account (Accounts Record) and view their Orders, Quotes, Contracts, Invoices, Payments and Deliveries , to make payments on orders or contracts to receive an invoice and to track their fulfillment in delivery.

PayPortal is still work in progress, and will be available soon! Check Back!

The WizDev Team.